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New Super High Res WALL•E Images [Updated x3]

Disney have released today a number of super-high-resolution WALL•E images. I have uploaded and placed them on the UP Zooomr account in original resolution and unaltered goodliness for your viewing pleasure, right here.

WALL•E is due for release on June 27. 
UPDATE: It was just pointed out to me that Zooomr isn’t allowing the full resolution to be viewed, however I can view it when I’m logged in as me. Working on sorting this out and finding out what the issue is. Sorry.
UPDATE 2: Temporary fix, check the photo comments for links to the original size. Hopefully this will all be fixed before too long. 
UPDATE 3: You can now view them here, in a lovely .Mac Web Gallery. Click on an image and if you would like to download it, click the download button. 

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