New Toy Story 3 Character is Called… Lotso!

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The teddy bear that made an appearance in the Up trailer during the lift off scene was recently revealed to be a cameo from a Toy Story 3 character.

Now Pixar Collector, a brand new site bringing you the latest Pixar collector’s news, has dug up some information on the name of this bear. It’s Lotso and he’s got a big part in the film.

Possible Spoilers Ahead!

To back up this claim, a Slash Film commenter is reporting that the cuddly looking, pink bear is Toy Story 3’s main villain! I don’t think you saw that coming did you? I also don’t know of the legitimacy of this claim, but it seems like something very "Pixar" to do. Get a character that is as unlikely as this teddy and turn him bad. Makes you wonder what his motivation is, probably nothing like Sid’s or Stinky Pete the Prospector’s.

End of Spoilers.

Anyhow, check out, it’s a brand new site run by Pixar Planet member legionsofgotham who has brought us exclusive pictures of upcoming toys in the past. He’ll be updating regularly with news on everything that’s collectable with Pixar’s name on it.

(Thanks for the tip Matt)

Last modified: May 21, 2009