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Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera Make the Rounds - Upcoming Pixar


Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera Make the Rounds

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Up director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera have been making the rounds promoting Pixar’s next feature. Reports say they’ve been spotted in New York, Philadelphia and in Cleveland today and more!

First off, we have the interview/Q & A that Docter took part in at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. The audience was treated to the movie and after they could ask Pete any question they wanted. This audio is not only insightful but contains a major spoiler with no warning towards the end. Listen to it here.

Their next stop was this TV interview in Philadelphia with local station Fox 29 where the duo talked about… Up. Many of the typical topics were covered but it’s still worth watching just to see their reactions. The next day, Docter and Rivera stopped by Cleveland’s WKYC where they chatted with the host of their local program, Good Company Today. Both interviewers said they absolutely loved the film.

Last but not least the Boston Phoenix has an extensive interview with Pete Docter. It is written mostly like a conversation so it seems like you’re there in real time while you read. The interviewer also seems to be a fan of Pixar’s work!

Some noteworthy subject matter covered within these interviews was Pete Docter’s upcoming film which he described as an idea that’s still foggy and vaporous in his mind. Could it be something new, or the rumored Monsters, Inc. sequel? We’ll just have to wait and see. Also of note most of the pieces are relatively spoiler free.

Expect more interviews like this during the days leading UP to Pixar’s 10th!

Last modified: May 21, 2009