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New trailer and poster for The Good Dinosaur

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Pixar’s second film of 2015 is due in theaters in just over two months! I think we’ve had enough time to recover from Inside Out before The Good Dinosaur wallops us in the tear ducts. So far, just one trailer was released, but now a second international one is here. We get to hear more dialogue and meet one of the T-Rexes that accompany Arlo on his journey along with Spot. We also learn how Arlo (Raymond Ochoa) is separated from his father Poppa (Jeffrey Wright).
The details on that T-Rex are astounding! Here is an Australian poster featuring the carnivores with Arlo and Spot. Pixar Post The Good Dinosaur Australian Promo Poster
As with the first trailer, this one already caused some tears to well in my eyes. The Good Dinosaur is a film about family and loss. Knowing how Pete Sohn’s personal experiences informed the story is also worth noting.

Sohn reminisced about going with his mother to the Chase Manhattan Bank as a child to deposit the weekly earnings from the family’s shop: she would hold back enough for two cinema tickets, and afterwards, on the way home, they would see a film together. Because his mother spoke only limited English, often Sohn had to whisper his own interpretation of the dialogue and plot points in her ear, in Korean. But during some films – and they were normally animations – he remembers both of them laughing, and occasionally shedding a tear, in unison, with no translation required.
That type of nonverbal storytelling is classic Disney, and exactly what Sohn wanted to bring to The Good Dinosaur after being handed the film’s reins: “that idea that two people who don’t speak the same language can still connect ended up driving the entire, rewritten movie.” (via The Telegraph)

Be sure to see The Good Dinosaur roar into theaters this Thanksgiving! And check back here for more updates and news.

Last modified: September 23, 2015

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