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New TS3 Clip: Rough Play + More Toy Story!

Comcast’s on-demand entertainment website, Fancast, premieres an exclusive clip from Toy Story 3!

In "Rough Play", Andy’s toys find themselves in a new room at Sunnyside Daycare. After years of neglect, they can’t wait to be played with, but this probably isn’t what they had in mind…

Lee Unkrich introduces the two minute excerpt from the film:

Notice anything from Tin Toy in this clip? What did you think?

Toy Story Tidbits

• Darla K. Anderson talks to Making Of about her position as a producer at Pixar. The interview was conducted at the studio and touches upon the "rules" of Toy Story, challenges faced while producing the highly anticipated sequel and everything in between. Don’t miss this non-spoilerific must-read.

• Remember, Toy Story plays tomorrow at 7 PM ET/PT on ABC Family. Toy Story 3 will be previewed during the broadcast. Click here for details and the full Toy Story Weekend schedule.

Your thoughts?

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  1. love70ways says:

    I started to play the clip, but at about 38 seconds stopped it. I want everything (mostly) to be brand new to me when I go see the film.

    I really liked the interview with Darla K. Anderson. It was very interesting to hear that creating a set of rules in a world makes it easier for the story to develope.

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