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The Making of Day & Night Featurette!

Comcast brings us another Pixar exclusive, this time from one of my favorite shorts, Day & Night!

Here’s the deal — A couple of D & N filmmakers, including director Teddy Newton and producer Kevin Reher, try to explain how "the hardest Pixar short to describe" works. Packed with a new clip and tons of insight, this brand new featurette is a must-see:

You can catch Day & Night in theatres with Toy Story 3 on June 18th, 2010. Speaking of the highly anticipated sequel, don’t forget to watch yesterday’s Comcast exclusive, Rough Play.

Your thoughts?

(Thanks, Bryko614)

6 Responses to The Making of Day & Night Featurette!

  1. Rey says:

    Earth metaphor. Two faces of the same earth.

  2. love70ways says:

    It looks so good! I’ve never been more excited for a Pixar short film. Hooray for Teddy Newton and his team!

  3. Rey says:

    My favorite clip from the featurette is Night’s fireworks. It reminds me of Tokyo Disneyland fireworks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    who is giving the speech that is broadcast toward the end of the short (the one that articulates the need to appreciate our differences, etc)?

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