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Now Available: Cars 2 on Blu-ray/DVD + Toy Story Trilogy! - Upcoming Pixar


Now Available: Cars 2 on Blu-ray/DVD + Toy Story Trilogy!

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A truckload of Pixar releases hit stores today including a wide range of Cars 2 home video options and the Toy Story Trilogy bundle.

The standard Cars 2 Blu-ray and DVD "combo packs" are pretty bare bones when it comes to bonus features and other goodies, but the HD picture is as eye-popping as ever. Included on every release is an audio commentary with John Lasseter and Brad Lewis, Hawaiian Vacation, and the brand new "Cars Toons" short, Air Mater.

If you’ve seen the other "Mater’s Tall Tales" vignettes, the set-up for Air Mater will be pretty familiar. Re-imagining Mater as a plane was a clever touch that lends to the series’ tongue-in-cheek style of humor. It’s also fun to note that this is Pixar Canada’s first project. Look out for the nod to DisneyToon’s upcoming Planes at the end.

As with other Pixar releases, director John Lasseter and co-director Brad Lewis add rich perspective in the commentary while the film moves from one jaw-dropping locale to another, equally breathtaking setting. The 5-disc 3D Blu-ray + Blu-ray + DVD "combo pack" includes a wealth of special features which unfortunately, we weren’t able to review.

The Toy Story Trilogy, bundled for the first time on 3D Blu-ray, also hits stores today. Standalone 3D releases of Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 will be available separately as well.

Have you had the chance to check out any of these releases?

Last modified: November 1, 2011