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Exclusive: Partly Cloudy, Pixar’s Next Short

Briefly: Disney A-Z’s official supplement has added a very short entry on Pixar’s next short film, Partly Cloudy. The short will play in front of Up and will be directed by Emile himself, Peter Sohn. Look out for more exciting details about this sure-to-be-great short film in the next month or so!

What do you think this 3-D short will cover?

Note: The above image is a mock-up only.

(Thanks, Francesco)

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  1. Mitch says:

    I’m excited to see how Mr. Sohn handles the directing reins. His sense of humor seems fun and unique, so hopefully he’ll hit it off with this short.

    Thanks for the information, Francesco/martini!

  2. Brice_J says:

    this is very exciting news..
    just yesterday i was thinking we should know what the short will be that plays before up, & lo & behold, i get my answer a day later.. doesn’t happen often!
    can’t wait for a synopsis =)

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