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Fascinating and Extensive Andrew Stanton Interview

Andrew Stanton took 37 minutes out of his busy schedule to talk about some really awesome Pixar and animation related stuff with The Hot Blog.

This lenghty but engaging interview has everything from Toy Story talk, to WALL•E tidbits, aswell as Stanton’s views of the awards season and the film/animation industry. He even talks about his mini vacations and reveals that it’s been about a year of him working on John Carter of Mars and that shooting should start early in 2010.
Don’t miss out, watch it below:

(via Slash Film)

0 Responses to Fascinating and Extensive Andrew Stanton Interview

  1. Brice_J says:

    every pixar director has such an energy about them in every interview, i don’t see how they do it.. i could listen to any of them for hours.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is there an audio only version or a transcript anywhere? I can’t justify downloading 37 minutes of video for an interview.

  3. Mitch says:

    Great interview! Thanks for posting this up!

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