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Peter Gabriel Writing Song for WALL•E

English musician Peter Gabriel, mentions in his January update video that he is working on music for WALL•E.

We are just working musically, for a song on a Pixar film, um, Andrew Stanton that directed Finding Nemo, um asked, in fact in 2005 originally I think ah, if I’d get involved with this project, which is, which is now nearly finished, called WALL•E. And it’s about a robot that is um, ah, left clearing up all the garbage and mess on earth, while the human inhabitants um are up in space. And ah, I think he’d done some of the research with NASA experts who explained that as we spend more and more time up in space, um our bones disintergrate, they uh, they don’t do well in zero gravity. Ah and so he has portrayed them as these sort of fat blobs floating around in armchairs. Anyway, it’s very..a lot of cool ideas, ah, and some of it I think is a response to Kubrick’s 2001 which made a huge impression on me when I was 17 when I first saw..they where also saying I think, some of the NASA guys that Kubrick was right on a lot of things…. 

says Gabriel in the video. You can watch the whole video and find out more here. Thanks Michael.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah!! Peter Gabriel!!! The Moonlit Knight, Sledgehammer!

    He will write some very cool songs!


  2. Anonymous says:

    gosh, ah, um, i guess i’m ah, used to copy editors er um, removing the ah pauses from um ah spoken dialog.

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