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Pixar at D23 Expo: New Toy Story 3 Casting Announcements & More! [UPDATE]

Pixar had a huge presence at the first annual D23 Expo. I’m on the run so I haven’t decided if I should gradually update this post as more and more details come out or make new threads for each breaking news item.

Toy Story 3, New Casting Announcements: Remember how exciting it was to hear that the whole (living) Toy Story cast would be back for part 3, or how cool it was when, at Comic-Con,  Ken was announced to be played by Michael Keaton. What about last week’s biggie with the ex-007 playing Mr. Pricklepants?

Well, today has got to be the biggest Toy Story 3 casting reveal yet! Let’s start off with Andy Davis, the toy’s owner. It was recently announced that the original voice-actor, John Morris, will be back to play 18 year old Andy! I’m sure many fans will be excited to hear that!

Newly joining the cast are: Pixar regular and (very) funny woman, Bonnie Hunt, Jeff Garlin (Captain B. McCrea) and Whoopi Goldberg! No word yet on who they’ll play but I’m sure it’ll be good since they’re some of my favorite supporting voices in Pixar’s films.

Toy Story 3 Trailer Description: Coming Soon has a great description of the Toy Story 3 trailer. It’s pretty much a cut-up version of the VIFF clip with  cameos from the daycare and an escape plot. Apparently Slinky does in fact have some new lines! Very exciting, sounds awesome but beware of possible spoilers. You can see it in front of the October 2nd double feature!

This is all coming from John Lasseter’s Disney/Pixar Animation panel.

Update: The Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D US premiere screening played right before an introduction by TS3 director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson. It seemed to have gone amazingly well and features a 2D animated opening sequence by Adrian Molina!

Check out more from Pixar and Disney Imagineering at D23 Expo here.

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  1. Hi all, I just got back from Pixar Day at the D23 Expo. I wrote up a very brief summary of what I did today and plan to update it with a more detailed report with a few pictures later. Check it out at the Pixar Planet forums!

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