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Pixar Comics, New Developments

Briefly: The highly anticipated Pixar Comics series based on The Incredibles characters, a continuation of the Pixar film (in 4 to 5 parts), will be out in March 2009, the first issue focusing on Mr. Incredible losing his powers. The next comic we can expect Boom! Studios to release is based on Cars (which will be given away on Free Comic Book Day) followed by Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and WALL•E during the three-year deal. Up is also in consideration to be made into a comic book series. Besides Boom!‘s editor-in-chief Mark Waid attachments to this project are confusing, we’ll see as we get closer to Spring.

To learn more about Boom! Studios’ offerings, including The Muppets Show Comics, read the CBR article here.

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  1. They sold/used to sell Pixar comics in Australia and I’m pretty sure they were illustrated by Australian Disney artists and distrubuted by Otter Comics – very high quality and value for money. They had Cars and Ratatouille movie comic books as well as a Toy Story/Monsters, Inc./other Pixar film combination with spin-off stories continuing on from the movie.

    I’m really looking forward to the WALL-E and Up BOOM comics, especially as it looks like Otter Comics aren’t releasing the Pixar comics here anymore…

    Thanks for the info, Martin! =)

  2. Netbug009 says:

    “Cars (which will be given away on Free Comic Book Day)”


    Ah FCBD, I love you. 8D

    …But it’s gonna be that long till the WALL-E ones? D8

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