Pixar Easter Eggs in 'Monsters University' Revealed!

Monsters University News

One of the countless reasons to revisit a Pixar film is to scope out the many Easter eggs hidden throughout. Each movie from the studio has been filled with secrets and in-jokes, and Monsters University is no different. Now that it’s been out for nearly a week, Disney•Pixar have revealed a few of the "gems" hidden within Monsters U.

A113: Dozens of animation icons — including Pixar directors John Lasseter and Brad Bird — have paid homage to CalArts classroom A113 in their work; the room number has appeared in everything from Toy Story to American Dad. It makes its latest cameo in Monsters University on the entrance of Mike and Sulley’s Scaring 101 classroom.

Pizza Planet Truck: Since its prominent role in the first Toy Story, the Pizza Planet delivery truck has shown up in every Pixar movie barring The Incredibles. In Monsters University, it can be seen next to the JOX frat house while Sulley chases Mike and Archie. (This opens up a sea of geeky questions, as the truck also appeared in the human world in the first film.)

Luxo Ball: This one shouldn’t have been too tough to find: the iconic ball that first appeared in Pixar’s Luxo Jr. prominently appears while Claire and Brock introduce the first challenge of the Scare Games.

There are plenty more Easter eggs to be found in MU, including a nod to Pixar’s next film, The Good Dinosaur. Let us know if you’ve found any others!

Last modified: June 27, 2013