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Pixar Finance Chief Named Twitter CFO

Pixar Financial Chief, Ali Rowghani named Twitter CFOAlmost every living person in the western world has heard of Twitter. It’s absolutely huge. We’re tweeting, Stephen Fry is tweeting, even Toy Story 3 director, Lee Unkrich is tweeting. It’s a phenomenon, and some might say a fad. 

The 2 1/2 year old internet startup has hired Pixar’s Financial Chief, Ali Rowghani, as its Chief Financial Operator. Rowghani is set to begin in March.

Rowghani’s start comes as the company focuses on "creating value for our users and capturing the financial opportunities that result from it," Twitter Chief Executive Officer Evan Williams said in a statement on Wednesday.

writes Reuters. Rowghani is also a Twitterer. He wrote three hours ago (as of the writing of this article,)

Said goodbye to Pixar today. Loved every minute of my time there. Couldn’t be more excited about the adventure awaiting me at Twitter.

We wish Ali the best of luck in his new job! (via Reuters).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He left Pixar for Twitter? Seems like a short-sighted move to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very short sighted. He’s obviously hired a good publicity agent, because it’s apparent he didn’t do much at Pixar at all, or he’d have been mentioned more before. Anyone who would leave Pixar for twitter probalby doesn’t belong at Pixar anyway!

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