Pixar Lifts Girl's Spirits Up in Her Last Hours

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I’d like to share this touching, bitter sweet news today, The OC Register is reporting a tragic story involving a little girl’s last dream and Up.

Colby Curtin is no ordinary girl, she’s got a rare disease taking over her body, vascular cancer to be exact. Ever since she saw the trailer for Pixar’s Up, she’d been excited to see the sky high adventures of Carl and Russell. But as circumstances would have it, she never got to do so in theatres because of scheduling issues and her deteriorating health condition.

Curtin, 10, proclaimed that "she did not want to die until she saw the new Disney•Pixar movie." One of her family members frantically called Pixar (and guessed a name to get through), luckily she found someone who could help! The unnamed Pixarian flew down to her house with a DVD of the movie and a bag full of Up goodies one day later. The family enjoyed the movie (and their last moments with Colby) that day.

After the movie was done, the ailing girl was asked if she enjoyed it. She was in so much pain all she could do was nod "yes." 7 hours later she passed away, but she died with her final wish granted. It’s a beautiful story that I highly encourage you pass along, it shows that Pixar is much more than just an animation studio.

(via The OC Register)

Last modified: June 18, 2009