Pixar Not Doing Special Effects says Catmull

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Instead of tech-talk, SIGGRAPH veteran, Ed Catmull is back at the convention he calls his “home community” to talk about managing Pixar’s creative environment.

He spoke at the convention about the early days and how he’s tried and failed and learned from his mistakes to build such an outstanding company (Pixar) to what it is today. Catmull says Pixar’s success comes from change, and how they always do something new.

One thing the technical guru and WDAS/Pixar president says will not change anytime soon, is the fact that Pixar is an animation studio, and they plan to focus on that. As you may know, Pixar directors Brad Bird and Andrew Stanton are venturing into the live-action medium and involving Pixar in some way. Just like in WALL-E, Catmull shares that Pixar won’t do the special effects or live-action on these films: “…we don’t want to turn Pixar into a live action studio. In fact, the intent is that the special effects will not be done at Pixar.” Instead, Pixar plans to support the directors vision in any way possible.

In which way will this be? We’ll find out in time. Read this article from AWN for more information on Ed’s keynote speech.

Article written by martini883. Thanks martini883.

Last modified: August 12, 2008