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The Incredibles 1.5

BOOM! Studios’ Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid talks more about the upcoming Pixar Comics. Waid opens up about what attracted him to write The Incredibles comics, his love of superheroes and comedy! He jokes: "I sort of jumped on that like a junkyard dog and made everyone else get away from it.”

For those of you (including me) who have been questioning the comics, this interview should put your fears to rest. When asked if the comics would be aimed only at children Waid says he’s writing for all ages. He explains: "…kids don’t want you to write down to them….”, very Pixar!

The Incredibles
stories are not an obstruction to a possible sequel. Mark says to think of the 4 page mini-series as The Incedibles 1.5, but hopes he can expand these stories as much as possible with new issues and characters. Don’t fret fans the stories "have been approved by the Pixar organization" so you can definitely expect quality. The style Mark and his team were instructed to use were more traditional comic book style drawings rather than Pixar’s 3D style.

Speaking of drawings the only artist signed on so far is Darwyn Cooke who’s doing the covers. You can look for the first issue next Spring, the debut comic will revolve around Mr. Incredible losing his powers. It will be set after the events of the original film but Waid explains, "[the stories] can’t be so drastic that [the characters] can’t have a future [in a possible sequel].”

Next, you can expect the Toy Story comics, and eventually BOOM! will have 6 different Pixar comics rotating monthly including Monsters, Inc., Cars, and this year’s WALL•E among others. To read the interview with Mark Waid check out this Newsarama article. For a more detailed plot description and more, try MTV’s Splash Page.

Written by martini833. Stay tuned for more of martini833’s articles.

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  1. Mitch says:

    Neat! I appreciate Mr. Wald’s decision to keep the comics on a level that appeals to both children and adults. In addition, I love the style that the characters and environments of the comic are rendered in.

    I look forward to reading this upcoming series of adventures!

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