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Pixar Visit 2011: The 25th Anniversary Soiree!

The much anticipated continuation to the Cars 2/Pixar Visit 2011 series is here: The Soiree.

Before any of the bloggers and I could see any footage or hear the most intricate details about Pixar’s upcoming sequel, we were instructed to report upstairs for a reception. Not unlike the year prior, we weren’t surprised that Pixar had set up an introductory station.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we were shocked when we realized what we had stepped into. Pixar was not only holding a Cars 2 press event, but a "soiree" (as it was described) in celebration of Pixar’s 25th Anniversary. The guest list: just about anyone who’s anyone at Pixar!

A little background information: This year, a big burden was taken off from the blogger’s shoulders as photographer extraordinaire, Deborah Coleman, provided many of the images that we might have otherwise (unprofessionally) taken ourselves. Please note that all of the images in this post are copyright Disney/Pixar and Deborah Coleman.

Onto the reception— the first person I was able to shake hands with was Pixar President Ed Catmull. I always seem to keep my cool (for the most part) with everyone else, but as with the year prior, I couldn’t help but be a little starstruck when around one of Pixar’s "founding fathers."

After that initial shock (don’t worry, I’m exaggerating), we met up with directors from the studios’ history. In particular, it was great meeting Pete Docter for the first time— what a cool dude. You’ll see myself, Pixar Times’ Samad (behind me) and Pixar Talk’s Greg chatting it up with the Doc himself in the picture to the right. It was also great seeing the always cool Jonas Rivera and the hilarious Bob Peterson again at the reception.

Many of the shorts directors were present as well. Highlights include meeting Dan Scanlon (at the time, we did not know that he would be directing Monsters University) and chatting with him about his work on Mater and the Ghostlight. Pete Sohn, Ronnie del Carmen and a host of other personalities were also a pleasure to meet.

The women of Pixar are some of the coolest, though. Darla K. Anderson and Katherine Sarafian told us a little about what it’s like working your way up to becoming producers at the studio. They were immensely kind— and funny too!

The common denominator about the folks at Pixar is that everyone is so down to Earth. During the soiree, you could feel the collaborative energy and pride that comes with working at the studio.

Feel free to ask any questions about the soiree. Please keep in mind that reviews and interviews are embargoed until June so there is a limited amount of information that I can share.

Note: For a more general idea of our visit, check out our preview post.

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