Pixar Website Updated To Include Toy Story 3

News Online Pixar Toy Story 3

I haven’t experienced a news drought like this in a very long time. For that I apologize.

Anyway, the infamous Pixar website has been updated to recognize the upcoming release of Toy Story 3 on June 18th, 2010! You won’t notice any changes right away because the site is still themed towards Up, and understandably so. To see the updates you have to dig deeper than the homepage.

Click on the Feature Films button to see the new poster wall which includes the Woody and Buzz variations of the "3" campaign. When you click on the poster you’ll get your standard preview page. In’s The Theater section, you’ll notice Toy Story 3 has also been added under Feature Trailers.

Hopefully we can see a big revamp of the site soon. There’s so much potential, Pixar!!

Last modified: October 25, 2009