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PixarPlanet WALL•E DVD Review

Well just in time for the official release of the new Pixar DVD here is the review of the 3 disk special edition including Digital Copy.

The first thing people will notice that the package used is reduced in size about 50% in-accordance with the WALL•E theme of not straining our resources of over demential packages. The Package is done very nicely in that you open it by pulling the disks out from the left (Disk 1) or right (Disk 2 & Digital Copy).
The first disk contains the movie WALL•E, Presto and the short BURN•E (a must see) as well as the original trailer to UP but sadly not the newly released trailer witch was recently released.

The Second disk has the BNL shorts as well as The Pixar Story which is not done in digital surround 5.1 like the recently released european version. But still a great film about our favorite little studio.

Disk 3 contains the Digital Copy and can be activated on a Mac or PC using iTunes. This gives you a version to watch on your computer or like me, on the iPhone or iPod. I found that the activation instructions where a little off. It’s easier to just insert the disk in the computer open iTunes and then click on the disk under devices, This will open up a dialog where you then enter the code and have it transferred from your disk to your iTunes library in about 3-6 minutes depending on your drive speed. I wish Disney•Pixar in the future would also include all the shorts in the Digital Copy and not just the main film. But still better then having to illegally rip it with some software!

All-though WALL•E isn’t my favorite Pixar film its still up there in the top 5 and a must have on any account, That Pixar and Disney finally listened to there fans about releasing more then just a 1 Disk set is a great relief and something I hope will be continued hence forth. I can only recommend getting this version or the 3 Disk Blu-ray set the price difference for the extras is well worth it!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Quick question: What is the quality of the digital copy through iTunes? Is it HD, or DVD quality, or lower than that?

  2. guido says:

    Its about parr with the DVD maybe slightly less quality… but only Pro Logic Surround sound

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a more complete list of features, for anyone that’s interested:

    Disc 1:

    Two (Nearly Completed) Deleted Scenes
    Two Easter Eggs (Geek-o-Rama and Title Test)
    Animation Sound Design
    Director’s Commentary

    Disc 2:

    BnL Shorts
    Two (Storyboarded) Deleted Scenes
    Behind the Scenes (Making Of Featurettes)
    WALL-E’s Treasure’s and Trinkets (The Vignettes)
    Easter Egg (Early Animation Test)
    The Pixar Story
    Lots of Bots (Read Along and Play Along modes)
    Bot Files (in-menu)

    Disc 3:

    Digital Copy

  4. Al-Bob says:

    Sounds great…gotta remember to get the 3-Disk DVD for Christmas.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does the European release have the digital copy?

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