Pixar's Legacy Inspires Tron Reboot!

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Let’s call it ‘Tron courtesy of Pixar.’ Before I get to the good news, I can’t help but note the irony:

When John Lasseter was a young animator at Disney, he was shown the lightcycle sequence from Tron. This is one of the moments that he attributes to his early fascination with emerging CGI technology.

Add Ed Catmull, Steve Jobs and a small community of visionaries, and you’ve got a Pixar. So, it’s interesting that the folks behind Tron: Legacy are now asking for help from the team up in Emeryville — some of the same people that were inspired by the original 1980s cult classic.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Pixar’s Brain Trust was happy to lend a helping hand. Brad Bird, Michael Arndt and couple of other notable figures were shown a rough cut of the highly anticipated sequel/reboot in order to strengthen the script for June reshoots.

"Certainly being able to have an open dialogue with our formidable partners [at] Pixar… is really interesting to me." said Tron: Legacy producer, Sean Bailey. We all know what a few notes from Pixar can do.

This is what I call a collaboration, unlike… never mind. I was already hyped for Disney’s big Winter release, but today’s news has me even more excited!

Your thoughts?

Last modified: July 13, 2010