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Prestigious Presto Preview - Upcoming Pixar


Prestigious Presto Preview

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Animation World Magazine’s Bill Desowitz got a shiny first look preview Doug Sweetland’s newest short film, Presto. It is set to premeire at Annecy on June 10 and will be attached to WALLE on June 27.

Presto, the magician, has never experienced such humiliation, as the crafty rabbit, Alec, gives him a taste of his own supernatural hocus pocus. There are plenty of magic hats and vaudevillian antics during the frantic five minutes, punctuated by iconic squash-and-stretch gyrations and bug-eyed reactions.

reads the description. Find out more on this ode to Warner Bros. slapstick cartoons right here in this information packed article. 

Thanks Michael.

Last modified: May 23, 2008