Thinkway WALL•E Merchandise

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Looking to play with WALL•E and his friends? Well Thinkway Toys probably has what your looking for. Here is a list of toys they have on offer.

U-Command WALL•E 
InterAction WALL•E 
InterAction Eve 
Transforming WALL∙E 
Transforming Eve 
i-Dance WALL∙E 
Cube and Stack WALL∙E 
Dance ‘N Tap WALL∙E 
Space Adventure WALL∙E 
U Repair WALL∙E 
Search And Protect Eve 
Clean ‘N Go MO 
Action Figures 
Reject Bots Action Figures 
Electronic Truck Play Set
Movie Scenes (3) 
Construct-A-Bot Walle 
Construct-A-Bot Eve 
Remote Control WALL• E 
Remote Control Eve 
Plush Buddies 
Transforming WALL•E Plush 
Huggable Eve Plush 
WALL•E Robot Arm 
WALL-E Cube Figure 
Eve Cube Figure 
WALL•E Wind Up
Wind Up WALL•E Track Set 
Bag O’ Bots

Check out some pictures of them here.
Last modified: May 24, 2008