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Rave Reviews Already Pouring In from Full Screenings of Up!

I’ve been writing about Up preview screenings lately, but now you can hear what the lucky few who have already seen the movie are saying… As expected, they are giving Pixar’s 10th film rave reviews! even got an entire (spoiler-free) wrap up of one audience members’ thoughts on the movie. The reviewer gave it a 9/10 and had this to say: "Overall, I’d rate UP up there with the studio’s bests along with THE INCREDIBLES and TOY STORY. (At this point having done cars, robots, and old people, there’s pretty much nothing Pixar can’t handle.)"

We’ve also gotten similar reviews in our comments section which say things like: "I loved it… it exceeded my expectations and was very original." and "So surprisingly funny. If you think the trailers and promotional material are remotely funny, you will find the feature to be hilarious." is also exploding with great reviews with some being collected over at /Film saying such things as: "enjoyed the hell out of it!" and "Looks like has Pixar done it again. I cried like a baby during “Up.” 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why, why are there so many sneak screenings? Why can’t I go to any of those?

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