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Rotten Tomatoes Starts To Count WALL•E Reviews [Updated]

Review Aggregator website, Rotten Tomatoes, have started counting up all the WALL•E reviews floating around. The film currently sits at 83% with 7 reviews counted and 1 rotten review.

This one review comes from Phil Villarrel of the Arizona Daily Star. However I think his review can be discounted as he rated What Happens In Vegas and Get Smart the same. Said Villarrel, "Visually resplendent but drags too much at times."
The other fresh reviews include Richard Roeper’s review. He said "One of the best movies of the year. Just so beautifully done."
Thanks Ryan.

UPDATE: 54 reviews have now been counted with only 2 rotten giving the film a 96% Fresh rating. The second negative review is from Brian Orndorf of He called the film "hypocritical". Seems like Brian is also seeking some attention. He gave WALL•E a D+.  

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  1. Usually Pixar films start at 100% then go down slightly. I hope some more positive reviews start being added to bring the percentage up.

  2. bennifer3000 says:

    The guy who dissented, also did with Ratatouille, so his review is basically void.

    He’s just trying to get views.

    Anyway, yes Rach, it will go up very fast in the next couple of days.

  3. E.S. says:

    I disagree with highlighting that attention-wanting hack’s in this entry. Like bennifer has said, he gave the negative review to Ratatouille (he was the first negative on that one too). He obviously has a bone to pick with Pixar or with quality itself – but letting people know who the lone dissenter was on such a great movie feels like you’re rewarding this idiot.

    I request – Please take it down, take his name down, and just hint at how moronic the negative review was (seriously, if you read his review, it really sounds moronic, especially when compared to the others. It’s like he outright lied or was really just looking for something to pick at).

  4. Shark Bait says:

    Just so you know, there are now 40 positive reviews on rottentomatoes with Phil Villarrel’s still being the only negative one. Wall-e is now sitting pretty at 98%!

  5. martini833 says:

    97%!! Those two bad reviews should just be ignored, either way a 97 is extremely good.

  6. Splashman says:

    Note that the “Top Critics” rating is sitting at 100%, and their reviews are filled with admiring adjectives.

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