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Screens from Ratatouille Target Bonus Disc

Animated News has posted screenshots from the Ratatouille Bonus Disc Grab Bag. Here are the first set, and the second set.

It seems as if the extra disc is a step in the right direction towards a 2-disc set of Ratatouille.

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  1. Fett101 says:

    I’d say it’s a step in the wrong direction. I’m pretty sick playing ‘hide and seek’ for extra content which is being withheld for the Blu-Ray DVD and the Platinum Edition, coming 2009.

  2. Rachel says:

    2009? I can’t wait that long…

  3. Benjamin W says:

    I got the Target disc and was fairly disappointed. Maybe 30 min. of stuff max and no real behind the scenes or funny stuff. What is up with no real second disc??!!!

  4. Andy says:

    Special bonus disc for Target? It seems the back-room boys are still seeking more ways to suck money out of our pockets without actually delivering the product we ask for. I have to agree with fett101 – this is a step in the wrong direction. They’re messing with us – all of us. It sucks. Just release the damned thing – complete.

    Where’s my DVD commentary?

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