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John Lasseter on WALL•E

John Lasseter spoke with Rotten Tomatoes on the topic of WALL•E, and he mentions "It’s a love story. It’s got a lot of heart but it’s really appealing." However, I found this section to be more interesting even though it’s not as surprising. On the topic of Andrew Stanton directing the film, Lasseter says,

"In those situations we have what we call the creative brain trust which is all the other directors, key story people, and we take a look at the film every three months or so and give comments. We’re very honest with each other when it’s working and when it’s not working. It’s about making the movie the best it can be. It doesn’t matter whose idea it is."

Read the full article here.

[via Animated News]

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  1. sandyg says:

    Love Ratatouille and am very excited about Wall-E. I enjoy your site very much…you always have interesting news nobody else has found yet, and your enthusiasm about all things Pixar is contagious. Keep up the great work!

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