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Stanton, Morris talk JCoM

Briefly: Yesterday in a meeting at Pixar Animation Studios, Andrew Stanton and Jim Morris shared some vague details about John Carter of Mars, some previously revealed.

Andrew Stanton shared that he was going for a new look on JCoM, something the previous incarnations didn’t have in terms of overall look. When asked if the movie would be in 3D, Pixar general manager Jim Morris exclaimed, "I hope not!". Previously known facts were talked about briefly such as Mark Andrew’s involvement with the writing of the film. Still no word on the look of the film, rumors point to a hybrid live-action/animated movie, and no word if it’ll be fully produced at Pixar, or when it’ll be released.

To read the full article head on over to Animation World News.

(via Animated News/The Pixar Blog)

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  1. bennifer3000 says:

    Either live-action with visual effects OR computer animation.

    Pick a side Pixar, please. We don’t want master storytellers like yourselves getting lumped in with “Beowulf” and “Polar Express”.

  2. martini833 says:

    Both Beowulf and The Polar Express are motion capture, not hybrid live-action/animation, an example of this is 300. We don’t even know how much involvement Pixar has in this movie yet, Ed Catmull has said they won’t be doing the special effects, most likely it’ll only be at Pixar in its developmental stage, but you never know. Don’t jump to conclusions. 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t worry bennifer3000, I can’t see Pixar ever going the way of Robert Zemeckis and his awful motion capture films. If they’re going to mix live action and animation, the animation will be animated BY animators, just like it always is.

    The only way I can see Pixar using motion capture is if it’s really needed for one specific character (in a Gollum type situation) and even then they’d improve that performance with their own animators I’m sure.

    Andrew Stanton is my favorite writer at Pixar (along with BB) so I can’t wait for more details on this movie!

  4. devankpatel says:

    “I hope not!” , doesn’t mean we just have 2 choices 3d/Live action. There is a chance it might be 2D and i don’t see anything wrong with that.

  5. bennifer3000 says:

    Ahh yes, you are right Martini. But still those MoCap movies were horrible. Bleh. I liked Beowulf better, but whatever. Still not good.

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