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Pixar Tops Rotten Tomatoes’ Best Animated Movies List

Once again, Pixar tops the list of best animated movies, this time, on Rotten Tomatoes’ new Best Animated Films feature.

Pixar films ranked on the list as follows:
#29A Bug’s Life
#20Monsters, Inc.
#11The Incredibles
#6Finding Nemo
#4Toy Story
#1 – Toy Story 2

Cars unfortunately missed the list by 5%, also remember that the Tomato Meter can be tricky. Anyhow, Pixar did great once again, see the list here.

(Thanks, eerik from the Pixar Planet Forums)

0 Responses to Pixar Tops Rotten Tomatoes’ Best Animated Movies List

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chicken Run & Roger Rabbit in the TOP 10? Ridiculous. I like Chicken Run fine, but Roger Rabbit is a TERRIBLE film with ugly animation. Not appealing in the LEAST.

  2. Toy Story 2 is also the best reviewed film of all time, according RT. =)

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