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The Incredibles 2 Is Blasting Into Cinemas Earlier Than Expected


It appears the animation Gods are favoring all fans of The Incredibles this week. It was discovered yesterday that The Incredibles 2 will now be released a whole year early, as opposed to it’s original 2019 slot. This is the best news possible for anyone who has been counting down the days to the film’s release after the original announcement, which itself feels like many moons ago. The Incredibles 2 is blasting through the production pipeline and only means great things surrounding the storytelling aspects. We suppose the Parr family are just incredibly excited to finally team up and hit cinemas again. The sequel to the 2004 hit switched places with Toy Story 4, and will now be released on June 15th, 2018. The bad news is that Toy Story 4, for the second time, is now pushed back and scheduled to be released on June 21st, 2019. Despite Toy Story 4 feeling like it’s stuck in production limbo, it most certainly makes us want to do cartwheels around the office knowing we’re going to be reunited with the Parr family sooner than expected.

Stay-tuned for more updates on the film.

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  1. Jamscobal says:

    To be frank I don’t think that having Toy Story 4 storyline revolve around the romance of Woody and Bopeep is a good idea. What would the real conflict be about anyway? I am glad that they are pushing it back to work out problems. When I first heard about Toy Story 4 I thought it would star a new cast of toys because Woody and the gangs story was already told. I am sorry that that isn’t the case.

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