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The Toys Are Back in Town Thanks to Mattel

Briefly: Toy Story action figures will be in stores sometime in Fall 2009 thanks to Disney, Pixar and Mattel. At yesterday’s New York Comic Con they unveiled some of their upcoming toys including Buzz, Woody and the gang!

Toy News International shared these pictures – enjoy!

(Thanks, legionsofgotham from the Pixar Planet Forums!)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What about the Thinkway Toy Story Toys? They were the first to make Toy Story Toys, when no one else (including Mattel) would. Were they on display, too? Their work is far superior to the Mattel toys. If you have pictures, please post!

  2. Kyle says:

    I’m excited about this new toy line, but so far I’m not impressed. though the stylized woody looks interesting/different for a change.

    Still, I hope to see the most screen accurate Buzz and Woody come out of this. I tend to be nitpicky about these sort of things, but while budget is kind of understandable, some things I swear they changed just to make me mad. such as changing the default expression to something completely different from the movies, Giving Woody a toothy grin, when in the movies he keeps his mouth closed.

    I hope thinkway’s versions can step it up. assuming they are making some this time around.

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