Toy Story Page Turns "3"

News Online Toy Story 3

As the Toy Story double feature starts losing momentum in US theatres (more on that later) Toy Story 3 marketing is quickly creeping up from behind.

Toy has no small part in this shift between films. They’ve updated for the third installment in Pixar’s mega-popular franchise! New additions to the site are simple (so far) but a nice treat.

The updated home page includes characters that are randomly displayed everytime you refresh the page, you may want to do that a few times. You’ll also find that the logo at the top center now represents the threequel as opposed to the double feature. A brand new game, Woody’s Big Escape, has also been added.

Here’s hoping we get to see more online content from Toy Story 3 soon!

Last modified: October 29, 2009