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Toy Story Land at Walt Disney Studios Paris?

I remember last summer rididng Toy Story (Midway) Mania! That’s seriosuly a great ride, so this news got me excited.

Well, now we’re getting word of Toy Story Playland (otherwise known as Playland) coming to the Walt Disney Studios park in Paris. These rumors have been floating around for quite some time, but the juicy details are pouring in slowly…

The site reports that Toy Story Playland will be opening sometime in 2010, great timing considering the re-releases and premieres of Toy Story/Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, respectively.

The rides in this area (adjacent to the Radiator Springs portion of the park) include an Army Men parachute jump, a ride based on Slinky Dog chasing his tail, and lastly a halfpipe coaster based on RC the remote controled racecar. At this point these are only rumors, very believable ones considering the gates that surround the area were the land would be, and of course, John Lasseter having big involvments with WDI. Read the details over at Disney and more or look at this picture, which explains the rides pretty well visually.

We’ll let you know if any concept art or announcements surface as soon as possible!

Note: The image above is only a mock up.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds good, I’m going to try and get over there for the opening next year! Disneyland Paris are getting a lot of Pixar attractions at the moment, and in 2012 are rumored to be getting a Ratatouille dark ride.

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