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My Name Is Dug by Ronnie del Carmen

Ronnie del Carmen, the famed Pixarian known for his story and design work on such films as Finding Nemo and most recently Up shares some information and pictures about his new book, My Name Is Dug.

He’s always wanted to illustrate a children’s book and when the opportunity came around he submitted rough drawings and got the job! In his spare time, between his day job at Pixar, he would work with author Kiki Thorpe to plan out the book. That’s how My Name is Dug came to be, it’s a Where’s Waldo type picture book:

"Children will love helping Dug on his search for Kevin, who will be cleverly hidden on each spread, in this adorable picture book based on the upcoming Disney/Pixar film, Up."
Read the full synopsis here.

Ronnie shares some very beautiful pictures of his book over at his blog.
The hardcover "My Name Is Dug" will be available April 14, you can pre-order it on Amazon now.

0 Responses to My Name Is Dug by Ronnie del Carmen

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is also a Wilderness Explorers hand book. Not sure if this one has been announced on here yet…

  2. Simon-Simon says:

    You guys think there will be another trailer coming up (haha hint hint) before we see the movie in theaters?

  3. Mitch says:

    Absolutely adorable. I love the illustrations, and Mr. Carmen’s artistic style is right up my alley, so I’ll definitely be purchasing a copy of this book should I happen upon it.

    Thank you for the information, martini!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hope we get a book from the films production designer, Ricky Nierva, too. His book for Monsters, Inc. was amazing.

  5. martini833 says:

    Anonymous #1: Thanks, we have a special post coming soon on the topic written by a special guest.
    Simon: I’m pretty sure there will be new trailers and tv spots as we get closer to May 29th.
    Mitch: No, prob.
    Anonymous #2: Yeah, his stuff is great!

  6. Dug looks so cute in 2-D form. I really hope they sell this book in Oz! I like collecting Pixar books with artwork by Pixarians, because the artwork is usually done by Disney artists – not that I don’t like Disney’s work on the books, but you know… 😉

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