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Toy Story… Toys at the Licensing International Expo

The toys are back… literally!

I know, not the best pun, but seriously, the toys are coming back in a big way as evidenced by this year’s Licensing International Expo. Disney Consumer Products, Thinkway Toys, Mattel and LEGO all showcased their upcoming Toy Story products at the "booth." The display, pictured above via Stitch Kingdom, features a 5’3’‘ model of Buzz Lightyear made of 40,000 Legos!

In More Toy/Licensing News: has a ton of pictures from Mattel’s Toy Story line-up including action figures, games and play sets. Some stand-outs I’m interested in seeing more of are the stylized Buddy figures like this Buzz Lightyear. The iconic Space Ranger will also be available in a standard version with movie accurate packaging as seen in the 1995 hit! This Hot Wheels/Toy Story crossover featuring Buzz and Woody seems interesting as well! Check out the rest here.

Can’t wait to learn more about Thinkway’s upcoming toys! Learn more about the Licensing International Expo here.

All this new vinyl is making me wonder, where are the Up action figures JUN Planning was supposedly working on earlier in the year…?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought Thinkway Toys wasn’t going to make products for Pixar anymore. Or was that only for Up?

  2. martini833 says:

    I think that was only for Up, they’re definitely making Toy Story products. 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, Jun Planning has filed for bankruptcy. I believe that they have shut down their United States offices, but it’s not really clear whether they’re going out of business or not at this point. At any rate, it seems likely that we’ll never see those Up figures… which is too bad. 🙁 I really wanted a Carl to hang out on my dashboard with Wall*E.

  4. I’m not that excited for Toy Story merchandise as with other merch (Up, WALL-E) because it feels like the merchandise for TS never really went away. I know that’s a good thing, though, because it means that the Toy Story franchise is so popular. A few of those things look cool – like the bucket o’ army men, RC (remote-controlled car), and the PEZ.

    Man, if that is true, anon, that’s a bit of a bummer. I was wondering where those Up figures were…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m very eager to see Thinkway’s line. I hope to see the most accurate replica of buzz and woody made to date.

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