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D23 Pixar Updates

If you didn’t already know, D23 is the only official Disney fan community and once in a while they throw Pixar exclusives in there.

The group frequently holds events like the recent preview screening of Up in Hollywood. D23’s Stay Up All Night event at the El Capitan theatre can now be experienced through pictures on the website! In attendance were members forunate enough to make it out to Hollywood and special guest John Ratzenberger! Fans got to see the movie and short plus an El Capitan exclusive stage show. The event is called Stay Up All Night because it was held from the night of May 28th to the morning of the 29th! If you’re interested in events like these check out D23’s events page.

Also on D23: Today’s "Twilight Bark", mini news stories straight out of Disney, officially confirmed the long rumored Luxo Jr. animatronic! It’ll be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Pixar Place in the coming months. Learn more here.

Interested in the only official community for Disney fans? Check out the website here.

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