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Two New ‘Monsters University’ Posters!

In what’s likely the first step in a new marketing phase for the upcoming movie, Disney has revealed a pair of new Monsters University posters for domestic and foreign markets.

The first poster, intended for US audiences, harkens back to the ad campaign for the original film. It’s a tad plain, but the minimal text and background suggests that the studio has plenty of faith in audiences’ connection with Mike and Sully.

The international one, on the other hand, is full of detail and shows a more antagonistic relationship between the duo. There are even a few clever nods to the original film; see if you can find Little Mikey and an A113 reference.

Look for these posters at the movies before Monsters University opens on June 21.


Which poster do you prefer?

One Response to Two New ‘Monsters University’ Posters!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like both. The US poster mirrors the Monsters Inc poster nicely.

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