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Up Artwork by Lou Romano

Lou Romano posted some great artwork for Up on his blog just in time for the movie’s release!

It features pieces from as far back as 2005 all the way to 2008. Included are gouache and digital paintings, sketches, sculpts, color scripts and even some videos made for tone and lighting purposes! There’s concept art of things you won’t see in the movie, but you’ll definitely notice what did get used. Lou even took the time to write some captions giving you insight on previous incarnations of the movie. I really like his style, unfortunately it seems he’s not with Pixar anymore. We’ll always remember him as Linguini, though! 

The previous links are just examples of their respective medium, but there’s tons more in Lou’s blog post. One of my favorite pieces is above and embedded below is one of Romano’s After Effects videos:

If you still haven’t seen the movie, beware of possible spoilers! If you have, proceed. All artwork displayed is copyright Disney/Pixar, of course. Speaking of artwork, we’ll be reviewing The Art of Up soon, I know, I know, we’re late.

(via Cartoon Brew)

Unrelated, but having to do with the article’s source, Cartoon Brew, there seems to be a website dedicated to the chairs in The Incredibles. Weird, but still cool! Even more unrelated but also having to do with CB: "brewmaster" Amid Amidi told The Pixar Blog that he won’t be attached to The Art of Toy Story 3 anymore. No reason was cited.

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