Comments (0) BURNE, News, Official Website, Partly Cloudy, Pixar, UP Partly UPdates! [UPDATE], notorious for rarely making changes, has finally updated! 

Update: The section for Up has now been upgraded to "Full Story" status. It includes a synopsis of the movie, characters intro and behind the scenes. There are also subsections for character bios and the inspiration for the movie. Check out concept art, full renders and quotes on the making of Pixar’s 10th film! The usual, but still worth a look through.

The site also features features the latest Pixar mini-productions, Partly Cloudyand BURN•E in the Short Films section. Both pages profile the short itself and the production of each projects, as usual, including some concept art.

The front page of (no changes to the design) has also gotten two new buttons. Replacing the WALL•E website link is a picture of Dug that links to Up’s official site. Peck from "Cloudy" is also on the home page, clicking on him takes you to the afformentioned film’s page.

Strangely, The Theater section of the site (in the Shorts section) has added the new shorts, but clicking on them just takes you back to their main pages.

Let’s hope later in the year we’ll get a Dug’s Special Mission page sooner than the BURN•E one!

Speaking of site updates, don’t forget to check out the brand new site for the Toy Story series!

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  1. wallefanatic says:

    Totally unrelated but I just noticed “Up” under the next DVD release. Funny thing is the site never had WALL-E in that slot. Kind of annoying, actually.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Not awesome. It’s like they have to do it because Up is out. All other places on the site is the same for years, the company info is so outdated, the history needs a rewrite… and many things else. Again I don’t ask for flash games and stupid web effects, just a little more up-to-date contents and warmer feeling.

    If there’s one thing I don’t like about Pixar it’s their official website. There’s many things you can have for a company that is so successful, mainstream yet quirky and intimate. But it’s been neglected since 2006, I think. Fan sites like the Art of Pixar site looks extremely professional without a financial source. Pixar has Disney and their site is really, really dead.

  4. Bryko614 says:

    The “Up” page is also updated with the standard information the other pages have (overview, characters, inspiration, etc.)

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