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Up Box Office Buzz: Friday, May 29th

Another follow up to the Disney•Pixar Up + Partly Cloudy Now In Theatres! [UPDATE Post your Mini-Reviews] post:

Yesterday, as I went to my second viewing of Up, the theatre was unbelievably packed!

From then on I knew Up was going to be a success, not just with critics, but with viewers. I saw tons of smiling faces come out of the previous screening so I guess Pixar’s 10th movie resonated with the general public too!

Now, it’s been estimated that Up has raked in: $21,400,000 according to Box Office Mojo!

That’s the 2nd highest opening day for any Pixar movie behind WALL•E’s 23 million and even better, any Walt Disney Pictures animated release! Let’s hope that this trend keeps UP so that by the end of the weekend it can get somewhere near 67 million, as Slash Film is predicting. That would mean that Up could possibly surpass WALL•E’s weekend box-office take or even possibly that of Finding Nemo and The Incredibles which started off at $20 mil.!

What a success! Keep Up in the sky by pre-ordering tickets now!

What were your previous predictions for Up, was it more or less than you originally thought? What do you think the cumulative gross (domestic then worldwide) will be?

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  1. 😀

    Wow! That is AWESOME!

    I was wondering what the total was going to be.

  2. Shark Bait says:

    Weekend estimates are in!!:

    Up: $68,200,000

    It’s behind Nemo and The Incredibles, but easily topped Cars, Ratatouille, and WALL•E! Way to go, Up!

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