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Up Premiere at Cannes Coverage [UPDATED]

Up opened the Cannes Film Festival today making it the first animated and first 3D movie to open the prestigious event. We’ll be bringing you coverage of the event, onsidered the official premiere, right here thorughout the day:

Press Conference: After the opening screening of Up, director Pete Docter, co-director Bob Peterson, producer Jonas Rivera and executive producer John Lasseter gathered for a press conference. There was a large range of questions asked such as what people inspired Carl and the rest of the cast’s design, struggles working on the film, political messages and much, much more. Critics and reporters from around the world also gave a good share of praise to Pixar’s next installment. Watch the 40 minute discussion on Up streamed here, but be warned, the reporters slipped some spoilers here and there.


Tweet UP: Follow the Up team on their Cannes experience through @UP_dates on Twitter! They are tweeting live right now from France with pictures of the press conferences, parties and other goings on at the event. Some highlights for you to check out right now include the illustration of Carl that Pete Docter drew for fans and this tease of the photoshoot featuring tons of balloons. The Twitter account is expected to let us know about other events in Pete Docter and co.‘s own journey promoting Pixar’s 10th feature, follow them now, and don’t miss a thing!


Pixar on the Red Carpet: The director of Up, Pete Docter, definitely didn’t go to Cannes alone. His whole Pixar posse came along: John and Nancy Lasseter, Jonas Rivera, Bob Peterson and his wife, Pixar co-founder/president Ed Catmull and more. Check out this mini slideshow from Cannes featuring a picture from the photoshoot next to the Up display and shots from the red carpet. Click to view larger, pictures courtesy of Getty Images.


To finish UP the Up coverage for today, I’d like to say that reports point to a great reaction to Up. The first animated picture to open Cannes was a success. Congratulations Pete Docter and co. on delivering another winner!

3 Responses to Up Premiere at Cannes Coverage [UPDATED]

  1. Anonymous says:

    I see Jonathan Crocker gave Up a great, yet balanced review, and I can’t wait to see this film in London!

    Seriously, drawing emotion from a Cannes’ audience inside 15 minutes must be a record!

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a full pictorial report on this evening Cannes UP! official premiere with fantastic pictures here:

  3. Nice write-UP, Martin, and neat slideshow. Did you make that?

    I want one of those Up t-shirts, and amazing Up house, too.

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