Up Tie-in Books Now Available!


To follow up on rachelcakes1985‘s highly informative guest article, "Up Book Guide", we’d like to update you on the literary material that ties in with "Up"!

To get you UP to date, here’s the list of books based on Pixar’s 10th feature that have been released since April 14th, 2009 with some covers to the side:

Up (Junior Novel): The story of Up is chronicled in 128-pages, relive the adventure in the written form.
Up (Little Golden Book): These books for young children are known to have beautiful illustrations that will delight people of all ages. 24 pages.
Up (Read Aloud Storybook – Limited Edition): Masterfully illustrated, this book based on Up will get kids excited about reading. 72 pages.
My Name is Dug: Storybook illustrated by master Pixarian Ronnie del Carmen. 48 pages.
Beware of Dug!: A picture book about the talking retriever, Dug. 24 pages.
Bird’s Best Friend: An illustrated story about Kevin, the dopey female bird. 32 pages.
Spirit of Adventure: Based on Carl and Russell’s adventure. Made for young readers. 80 pages.
Wilderness Explorer’s Guide: The must have guide for scouts! Collect "badges" and become a real Wilderness Explorer. Featuring 3 pages of stickers and 48 pages in all.
Wild Life: Coloring book based on Up. Features 48 pages of coloring activities and chunky crayons.
The Sky’s the Limit: A deluxe coloring book featuring 96 pages of activities.

…and don’t forget the forthcoming…

The Art of Up: Written by Tim Hauser (author of TaO: WALL•E) with a foreword from director Pete Docter, this book is a compilation of the behind the scenes art made for Pixar’s 10th production! This 160 page coffee table book is perfect for your Pixar collection! In stores May 27th!

Please click on the Amazon links above to learn more about and/or to puchase the books.

These books are known to contain major spoilers including the ending. I recommend you buy the books, or read them, after you see the movie. You’ve been warned!

As you can see, the books are looking very good, are you planning to pick these UP?

Last modified: April 21, 2009