Up Cluster Balloon Tour

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People around the nation will be going up in anticipation for Pixar’s next movie… literally!

The tour for this year’s release is called "Carl Fredricksen’s Flying Armchair!." This is Cluster Balloons’ 2009 tour in which VIP’s from the press will get to sit down on a replica of Carl’s couch and fly forty feet up! The flight is powered by large cluster balloons which are filled with hot air that can lift a person, much like in movie. The first lift off of the Up promotion happened today, right near me in Miami, Florida. Check out this article with a video from CBS 4 Miami showing the Marlin’s mascot, Billy the Marlin, lifting off on Carl’s armchair!

Go on over to the Cluster Balloons official website to see if the tour is coming by near you, it’s got quite a lot of stops, so chances are, you may be able to see it in real life.

Last modified: April 23, 2009