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Upcoming Pixar Ideas…

I’ve had an idea, and I’m going to throw it out there and you can all say if you like it or not, or if you have any ideas/suggestions.

Well actually 2 ideas. The first is to search for someone to join me at Upcoming Pixar, to write a weekly/bi-weekly post on something about Pixar. Whether it be a sum up of events that have happened during that time, a review of a piece of merchandise, a Pixary book review etc.

The other is to have a guest writer, who again, weekly/bi-weekly, write about something on Pixar, same as above, just even possibly a different writer each week. Well, basically, if anyone wants to write a post about something about Pixar, they just email me their story and I’ll put it up.

So let me know what you think by leaving a comment below and I guess we will see how it goes!

UPDATE: The response seems good! We’ll start with the guest writer as I will have to check out the ideas etc of the person who will join me at Upcoming Pixar.

Somone (not going to say who yet), has already pitched me their ideas, and they will be Upcoming Pixar’s first guest writer. There will be more information as it comes.

5 Responses to Upcoming Pixar Ideas…

  1. Will says:

    I think both sound like good ideas. I would be happy to do either.

  2. amelia says:

    Both ideas sound great. You have been doing a fantastic job with this blog. I come here almost every day and there’s almost always some new info.

  3. Mitch says:

    I am in favor of both of these suggestions/ideas of yours, as I believe they would be an excellent and effective way to broadcast more information about Pixar Animation Studios and their upcoming films and projects.

    I’ve been coming to your blog for the past four months now, as it is, to me, a great source of information concerning Pixar-related news. I’d be happy to take on the second position if need be.

    — Mitch

  4. gottalovepixar says:

    Wow , I would love to do that , just I don’t know what I would do , a review of a video game , perhaps ?

  5. Ksenia says:

    I just wanna be a writer.
    I promise magic.

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