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Upcoming Pixar Reviews Day & Night Storybook!

A cute little publication-
-deserves a cute little review.

Simply stated, Day & Night is a children’s book that’s appropriate for all ages. I have to agree with John Lasseter, "I love that it pulls you in with pure entertainment, but also has a special message — one that’s so appropriate for our time."

Although younger kids might not be able to translate Day & Night’s philosophy into deeper terms, Teddy Newton’s (author/director) storybook allows readers to break it down: we’re more alike than we are different, but our differences should be celebrated. For adults, this hardcover also serves as a collector’s item. Each page features crisp, glossy spreads with original artwork (not film stills) featuring the protagonists of the short.

I can’t say I have any complaints. Well, I would complain to USPS for totally disregarding common courtesy and folding the book in half so it would fit in my mail box… but hey, what can you do?

Day & Night is available now from Chronicle Books. You can order your copy directly from the publisher or through Amazon.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rey says:

    Read the Day & Night book laying down and reading up and you’ve got yourself a wacky planetarium show in your home.

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