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Toy Story 3 Home Video Exclusives!

Two of the largest retail chains in America have offered up some tempting Toy Story 3 exclusives!

The Mouse has partnered up with Target to bring you the best in collector’s entertainment. Toy Story 3: To infinty and Beyond Ultimate Collector’s Combo Pack includes the equivalent of the previously announced four disc Blu-ray as well as a full sized Buzz Lightyear toy! [via Pixar Talk]

As expected, Wal-Mart also has its own Toy Story 3 exclusive. This three disc set will include one TS3 DVD, 7 short films, and a digital copy. If you still haven’t convereted to Blu-ray, this may be the set for you. [via The Pixar Times]

The most notable part of this news is the affordability of each bundle. Target’s exclusive will run you $34.99 while Wal-Mart’s set retails at $24.96!

Do any of these exclusives catch your eye? Why or why not?

0 Responses to Toy Story 3 Home Video Exclusives!

  1. Whoo~ That’s awesome!

    Hopefully by that time I’ll be workin’ at the Target near my home and can get some sort of discount 😉

  2. pixarfan9099 says:

    I’m hoping to get the Walmart exclusive.

  3. uruseiranma says:

    when i saw the Buzz set, I almost thought they had released “The Ultimate Toy Box 2.0,” but I guess I was wrong.

  4. martini833 says:

    uruseiranma — Me too!! Well, for a second. 😉
    One day, one day…

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