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Upcoming Pixar Book Review: The Art of Toy Story 3! [Available Now]

The Art of Toy Story 3 is like no other coffee table book from Chronicle‘s celebrated collaboration with Pixar.

Although this publication takes a new path, it’s nothing short of amazing. In fact, it superseded my already high expectations!

As a long time admirer of the studio’s artwork and behind-the-scenes stories, I couldn’t be happier. Much like its predecessors, this deluxe volume is packed with over 250 glossy, full color images. But we can also count on author Charles Solomon to satisfy our hunger for accompanying information.

Before we get to delve into the majority of the sketches, paintings and sculpts that fueled this project, John Lasseter reminds us that Toy Story 3 was originally meant to follow closely behind the first two films in the series, but due to previous issues with Disney, it just wasn’t possible — until today. 

That’s when he contacted the man for the job. In the special foreword, Lee Unkrich (Director) and Darla K. Anderson (Producer) separately introduce themeselves, both clearly eager for you to browse through the book.

As we prepare to look into the future of Toy Story, a turn of a page changes everything. Author (and noted animation scholar) Charles Solomon takes us back to provide the history of the first fully computer animated feature and its sequel for a better understanding of part 3.

Looking through the book, you’ll notice evolution, from Andy’s growth into a teenager, to subtle changes in Woody’s model. Yet there’s still a common uniformity signaling that we’re in the same universe that we’ve come to know.

Stories abound in eight major sections of the book. To avoid spoiling anything (TAo TS3 isn’t entirely safe for those who want to see the film without prior knowledge), I won’t name them but I will say that they effectively break down the film. Each page is filled with a generous amount of text (more than in any past edition) so if you just plan on flipping through, you’ll be missing out on first-hand insight from the filmmakers themselves. 

The images play well with the text, both of which fill each nook and cranny in 175 pages. You’ll also note that the captions for each picture are more detailed than ever. One of the coolest features, though, doesn’t involve words. Instead, the color script by Dice Tsutsumi is presented as a fold out!

After experiencing this publication, I grasp Toy Story 3 at a deeper level. I’ve only seen the film once, but I can tell you that I’ll be prepared to catch more things on my second viewing of Buzz and Woody’s latest thanks to the sincerity and emotion in the plentiful storyboards, concept art, reference photographs, maquettes and anecdotes spread throughout this hardcover.

The bottom line is, this ‘Art of…’ won’t leave you hanging. The "museum tour" is complete with a guide, but it’s your choice whether you take it or not.

The Art of Toy Story 3 is available on May 26th, 2010! I highly recommend vicariously embarking on this adventure with the filmmakers through Pixar’s latest coffee table book. Order it over at or Chronicle’s official site!

Do you currently own, or plan on owning The Art of Toy Story 3? When you get your hands on this must have, let us know what you think!

0 Responses to Upcoming Pixar Book Review: The Art of Toy Story 3! [Available Now]

  1. uruseiranma says:

    One advantage of seeing ‘TS3’ before it’s release date, is that I can possibly get the energy to purchase the ‘art of’ book and enjoy it.

    I got super-excited for ‘WALL-E’ and got the ‘art of’ book early, and kind of built-up my excitement too high for the film, though I do appreciate it now moreso than when it first came out.

    I’m just eager to read the stories that are contained within the book. Though I’ll be in NY for a week, so I may see if any of the Borders Stores has it in stock. Or, I can just wait until I return from vacation.

  2. ChristopherP says:

    thanks for the reminder…didn’t know the book was already coming out!
    ordered it today, should have it next week 🙂


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