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WALL•E Box Office Update (17/08/2008) [Updated]

Time for another quick box office update for (currently) the number one animated film of 2008. 

The estimates are in, and they suspect WALL•E gathered in $214,134,000 for the US/Canada.
An update will follow tomorrow with the final figures.
UPDATE: The final figures are in putting WALL•E at $214,129,943.

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  1. I am a little worried WALL-E does not look like it will be in the top 100 on the all time box office. I’ve never actually followed a movie’s gross take all the way through, but it seems Pixar might be different because it hasn’t been released in many other countries.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know what you’re talking about, yohoitsjoefosho. Domestically, Wall-E is already on the 76th place of all time and it looks like it will go up another 10 places before the end of its run. I don’t exactly know about the worldwide numbers, but I’ve heard Wall-E has already crossed $300M a couple of weeks ago and it still has to be released in a lot of countries.
    Wall-E is a success. Not as big as some people hoped for, but it’s still a success. No matter how you spin it.

  3. Let me try and rephrase.
    At this point, does it look like WALL-E is on its way to be in the top 100 for the worldwide all time list?
    I know it’s a success, I don’t see movies successful just cause they do well at the box office…but I would like to see another original film by Pixar up there in the top spots.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just for some perspective on Box Office…Alvin & The Chimpmunks” had a domestic haul of $217,326,336…and I think $357 mil foreign. Don’t get too excited about these numbers…just enjoy the films…we’re not gonna see “Nemo” numbers, (which are the only ones that make the industry take notice), until the sequels hit the theaters. Give me the good ol’ days of Mike & Sully! Best, Justin

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