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WALL•E Expected To Be Most Marketed Movie of 2008

Variety are reporting that the marketing costs of animated flicks are on the rise. WALL•E is expected to easily become the most marketed movie of 2008 with Kung Fu Panda a close second. 

Last year, "Ratatouille" topped the marketing charts, with Disney spending $54 million to cook up ads for the Pixar-produced pic, according to TNS Media Intelligence. That’s compared to the $46.8 million Paramount and DreamWorks spent to tout "Transformers" that year.

says the article. The article goes on to talk about how the studios are no longer marketing just the movie, they are marketing the merchandise, the DVD’s, the theme park attraction rides and a whole lot more. 

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  1. Netbug009 says:

    “Disney and Pixar are also hoping the marketing machine behind “Wall-E” will give the pic wheels at the B.O. and ring up sales at retail. A barrage of 300 robot-themed items have rolled out onto store shelves worldwide.”


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