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WALL•E Fun Facts and Hidden Things

Did you know that the folks at Pixar looked at 1940’s and 50’s landscapes as inspiration for some of the scenery in WALL•E, or that huge ocean liners such as the Disney Cruise Liner were the inspiration for the Axiom Starship

The kind folks at Disney have sent over a list of fun facts about WALL•E to celebrate the release of the film on Disney Blu-Ray and DVD.

They have also included a check list of things to lookout for in your home viewings of WALL•E including a Buzz Lightyear lunchbox, Rex from Toy Story and the snow globe from Knick Knack. Can you find them all?

WALL•E will be available from November 18 on Disney Blu-Ray and DVD.  

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  1. One thing that interested me the most: 3-Disc Special Edition…Limited Time Only.

    I guess now that I reread it, the 1-disc will be in print and Toy Story will be the only Pixar Film to ever go back into the vault with the Disney Classics.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Disney fun facts sheet has a misspelling of “their.”

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